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This listing is for a custom designed, handcrafted, acoustic panel sound diffuser. MADE WITH CALIFORNIA REDWOOD. Every piece on the diffusion panel is assembled by hand by our team of craftsmen in Redding, California. Our diffusers are created from hand selected, locally sourced lumber, that we cut and clean and sand and paint with care, in order to create not just a functional diffusion panel, but to create something special.

Our goal is to make a piece of art with the diffusion properties of the industry leading acoustic panels. Our team strives to build products that carry an aesthetic appeal to spur on higher levels of creativity for our clients and for their clients.


Size and Weight: 
24x24 - 26-28 lbs
24x48 - 50-54 lbs 
24x60 - 64-68 lbs
36x60 - 97-102 lbs

Color:  Space Black

Frame Color: Dark Walnut - (Black and Frameless options available upon request)

Hanging Orientation: Horizontal (vertical hanging orientation available)

Quadratic Pattern:
Rebel Sky Acoustics developed a signature quadratic formula that we pattern all of our diffusers with. This pattern consists of 7 differing levels of 1.5x1.5 inch blocks that are arranged to target general problematic frequencies that gather in most rooms. The function of this pattern dispels echos and reverbs, without stealing from the pure sound being released from voices, amps, or studio monitors.

Our diffusers come with heavy duty, industrial sized D-HOOKS for exceptionally easy installation. 2 screws in the wall, and they hang right up.

Our current (Feb/March) lead time is 3-4 weeks. This can be adjusted as our workflow changes.

We offer free local pickup on all of our products. Due to the heavy nature of these products, we package all diffusers with an overkill-level of protection so they are not damaged in transit. We ship using Fedex Ground, or Coyote Logistics for larger orders.

Cancelations made within 24 hours of placing an order will be fully refunded. Because we build every panel made-to-order, once we have begun production on the order, we require a 30% cancelation charge to cover the costs of materials and labor.

Additional Colors, Sizes, Patterns, Frame Options, ETC available upon request.
If you have any questions or concerns, please message us, or email us at