Performance and Testing

Performance and Testing


Every Rebel Sky Acoustics diffuser panel is made from 100% California Redwood and features a signature Quadratic 7 prime “skyline” diffractor designed to target and neutralize a spectrum of problematic frequencies between 2800Hz - 11kHz.

The functional benefit results is the dispelling of unwanted echos and reverbs, without stealing from the pure sound being released from voices, instruments, amps, or studio monitors. 

Our panels have been tested and certified (both NRC rating and diffusion) by NWAA Labs and Riverbank Acoustical Labs to ensure high performance diffusion from every RSA product.

Testing Breakdown:

The methods and procedures used in this test conform to the provisions and requirements of ASTM Preliminary Procedure, Standard Test Method for Surface Reflections by the Modified AES Standard AES-156.The test volume is a cuboid, 205.74 m (675.0 ft) long by 106.68 m (350.0 ft) wide by 18.29 m (60.0 ft) high, and volume is 401,391.3 m3 (14,175,000.0 ft3). There are six fixed surfaces in the test volume. There is a single source consisting of a SoundTube, 8inch speaker mounted in a pendant mount above the DUT on the microphone arc next to the #1 microphone about 3degree off to the side. We utilize nineteen Earthworks M-30 Omni directional microphones mounted in an arc, with the center of the arc located at the rotational origin of the DUT to gather the data. This test report relates only to the item(s) tested. Any advertisement that utilizes this test report or test data must not imply product certification or endorsement by NWAA Labs and must include all pages of the report.

The test specimen consisted of one sample unit that is 121.92 cm (48.0 inch) long by 60.96 cm (24.0 inches) wide by 13.97 cm (5.5 inches) thick flat panel mounted in the DUT test position. These panel was made from a redwood material and stained. (See Pictures).

Rated Bandwidth (-6Db): 2800Hz-11.0KHz
Coverage Angles (1.5KHz): 120 degree horizontally by 140 degree vertical
Material Construction: 4 ft by 2 ft (8 sq ft) redwood, stained. 
Type of Surface Reflector: Quadratic 7 prime “skyline” diffractor



Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories (RAL)TM

Sound Absorption and Sound Absorption Coefficients by the Reverberation Room Method ASTM C423

Designation: Quadratic 7 prime “skyline” diffractor
Dimensions: 2.51 m x 2.51 m x 0.13 m Area: 6.32 m2
Weight 146.85 kg Mounting: A-Mount
Specimen Details: 4 panels 49.5"x49.5"x5"
Test Date: 2022-05-16
Test Conducted By: Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories - Test Interface: 1.3.3
Area Weight: 23.22 kg/m2 Edge Seal: No seal is used